2016 e-Sports

Tuesday, July 05
Denial eSports Joins Team Razer

2015 e-Sports

Friday, August 14
Playing video games is the newest way to get rich
Monday, August 10
Team Razer's LGD Wins $2.2 Million at $18.4 Million eSports Tournament
Thursday, June 04
Video gamers compete as X Games athletes for second year in a row
Thursday, March 05
"World's Best Gamer" Takes on a New Challenge: Charity

2014 e-Sports

Monday, February 24
Sword Drawn and Shields Up for Team Razer's Latest and Most Promising Additions
Tuesday, February 04
EVO and Capcom Asia Champions Join Team Razer

2013 e-Sports

Monday, November 11
Team Razer's Fuudo Shows Off Ultimate Display of Feat
Sunday, September 01
Razer-Sponsored eSports Team Vulcun Places Third at League of Legends North American Regionals
Thursday, June 27
KTRolster StarCraft II Roster Joins League of Legends Division in The Ranks of Team Razer Elite
Thursday, June 20
Razer Goes All-in with the Flying Dutchman
Friday, May 03
Team Razer Promotes Gaming Without Limits
Thursday, March 07
Team Razer Releases Dogs of War
Monday, February 25
Team Razer Presses Start for OneMoreGame.TV
Monday, February 04
Evil Geniuses Joins Team Razer
Thursday, January 31
Team Razer Stands United with Taipei Assassins
Friday, January 04
Team Razer Reinforces Roster with Rolster

2012 e-Sports

Tuesday, November 27
FM-eSports, UK-Based Organization, Strengthen International Team Razer Roster
Friday, November 09
Razer Launches Elite Apparel of Champions
Monday, October 29
Team Razer Targets South America for Further Expansion
Friday, October 19
Team Razer Eclipses the Competition
Thursday, August 30
Team Razer Takes SoloMid Supremacy
Wednesday, August 22
Razer puts the Intern in International
Friday, July 27
China's EHOME Finds a Home at Team Razer
Monday, July 02
Razer and Singapore's Zenith Go International
Wednesday, May 30
Keita-Gaming and Razer Join Forces to Defend the Ancients
Saturday, May 05
Taipei Assassins Steps Out Of The Shadow With Razer
Friday, April 27
Prophecy to Rack Up Strike Chain with Razer
Thursday, April 26
Teamliquid and Razer Partner Once Again for The Fourth Season of Teamliquid Starleague (TSL)
Tuesday, April 24
Team Razer Gains Ultra Street Cred With Fuudo and Itazan
Sunday, April 01
Team Razer Goes Mobile for International Tournaments
Friday, March 30
Team Liquid and Razer Take Their Natural Expo
Monday, March 26
Razer is Pushing Lanes with It's Gosu
Thursday, March 22
Razer joins forces with Korean League of Legends Team Maximum Impact Gaming
Friday, March 02
Razer and Team MVP Fighting!
Friday, February 24
Razer Raises The Game for The Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Finals
Friday, February 03
Razer Sponsors Supernova to Embark on His First International StarCraft II Tournament
Friday, February 03
Razer, eSahara and Old Generations Form A New International E-sports Alliance
Friday, January 27
Razer and Team VeryGames Ready to Deliver COUP DE_GRACE
Thursday, January 19
Together To The Top With Athene And Razer

2011 e-Sports

Wednesday, December 21
Razer Enters Street Fighter IV Ring with Evo Champion Latif
Monday, December 19
Razer and GCON Nock It Up A Gear
Saturday, December 17
Razer and Quantic Gaming Pave Way for Success
Friday, December 09
Team Amazyn Join Forces with Razer and Gear Up for War
Tuesday, November 15
Razer and Method Guild Party Up
Wednesday, November 09
Razer To Officially Sponsor World DotA Championships
Monday, October 31
Team Empire Strikes Back in StarCraft II with Team Razer
Saturday, October 22
Razer teams up with Chinese DoTA Legends LGD Gaming
Friday, October 14
Gama Bears Join Hands with Razer to Take Down The Competition
Thursday, October 13
Elite e-Sports teams pledge support to Razer for Extra Life global charity gaming event
Wednesday, October 05
Razer and WinFakt Team Up for Maximum Impact
Friday, September 30
Razer Brings the Intel Extreme Masters Into Your Home
Thursday, September 29
Razer Partners with IGN on Pro League
Tuesday, September 27
Razer and Epsilon e-Sports Take to the Battlefield
Friday, September 23
Razer and Mandic Combine to Form Brazilian Superpower
Thursday, August 25
Team Reign and Team Razer Tag-teaming the SC2 Scene, Full-house in Hand
Tuesday, July 05
World Cyber Games Champions Team Counter Logic Gaming tie the knot with Razer
Saturday, June 04
Manaflask, Ensidia, For The Horde and Team Razer Unite to Usher in a New Era For MMO Gaming
Saturday, May 28
FXOpen E-Sports Fist Bumps Team Razer To Unleash StarCraft II Tournament Carnage
Saturday, May 07
Team Liquid and Team Razer Tag-Team For Starcraft II Supremacy
Wednesday, April 06
Team Razer Lends A Hand To Japan
Sunday, March 27
Team Dignitas and Team Razer Unite Once Again for Serious Tourney Destruction
Friday, February 18
ESL Starcraft II Female Champion Linda Liao Joins Team Razer
Tuesday, February 15
Highest Earning StarCraft 2 Pro Gamer - Lim “SlayerS_BoxeR” Yo-Hwan Joins Team Razer

2010 e-Sports

Wednesday, May 26
Razer sponsors Wayi Spider e-Sports Team
Wednesday, May 19
Team Legacy joins Team Razer
Tuesday, February 09
Team Razer welcomes WeMade FOX to its family of gaming greats
Thursday, January 14
Team MeetYourMakers (MYM) is now part of Team Razer

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