2016 Brand

Monday, 17 October
Razer Acquires THX
Monday, 12 September
Razer announces zVentures
Monday, 12 September
Razer CEO Speaks at TechCrunch Disrupt
Friday, 29 July
Min-Liang Tan Speaks with Forbes on Razer's New Pokemon Go Chat App
Monday, 20 June
Razer Opens New RazerStore in Shanghai, China
Friday, 17 June
Razer Attracts Gamers with Westfield Mall Store
Monday, 06 June
Razer Wants to Make OSVR the "De Facto" VR Platform in China
Monday, 30 May
Razer's Plan for Growth - By Gamers, For Gamers
Saturday, 21 May
Razer's first US store upstages the new Apple Store
Monday, 16 May
PC market dead? Not for gaming, Razer says
Wednesday, 20 April
The Billion-Dollar Hardware Maker For Gamers, By Gamers
Thursday, 07 April
Explore deadmu5's Studio in Video Walkthrough & Razer Music Production Tutorial: Exclusive
Tuesday, 15 March
CNET Enjoys New Razer Blade
Wednesday, 09 March
CEO Min-Liang Tan breaks viewership records on PC Mag Morning Show
Thursday, 03 March
Chief Gamer Min-Liang Tan Believes the Future is for Gamers
Monday, 22 February
Razer's Rise from Mouse Company to Face of Gaming Lifestyle
Thursday, 14 January
Razer, and How to Build a Better Mouse
Friday, 01 January
Razer Donates That Dragon, Cancer Proceeds to Charity

2015 Brand

Friday, 04 December
Razer Opens Largest Concept Store in Asia
Monday, 30 November
Razer and Lenovo Announce Partnership at DreamHack Winter 2015
Monday, 23 November
Razer Mamba Gives Gamers 16,000 Reasons to Smile
Wednesday, 11 November
Razer Dives Deeper into the Business of Music
Tuesday, 06 October
Razer Music Launches with World-Class Roster of Music Makers
Thursday, 01 October
Razer CEO Tops the List of Captains of Tech Industry
Wednesday, 19 August
Razer Dives into 3D Cameras
Saturday, 15 August
Razer Opens Second Flagship Store in Manila
Wednesday, 12 August
Entrepreneur Online Feature Min-Liang Tan
Monday, 03 August
Min-Liang Tan: Gaming Guru
Tuesday, 28 July
Good Game, Well Played
Monday, 29 June
Razer Store is the favorite and most popular store
Tuesday, 16 June
OSVR adds Android support, opens door for mobile VR
Thursday, 11 June
The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Tech
Friday, 15 May
Razer's First Retail Store in Taiwan Attracts Massive Crowd
Thursday, 23 April
Forge TV Now Available
Monday, 06 April
Video Games and Unicorns
Wednesday, 01 April
Razer's Project McFly Cracks Wall Street Journal's Top April Fools' Day List
Thursday, 26 March
Engadget's 11th Annual People's Choice Award Goes to Razer Blade
Wednesday, 25 March
Leap Motion will come embedded in Razer's new OSVR headsets
Wednesday, 25 February
A Billion Dollar Startup: Gear for Serious Gamers
Tuesday, 03 February
The New Razer Blade Might Be The Gaming Laptop We've Been Waiting For
Tuesday, 27 January
Razer CEO on Real World Applications and Future of OSVR
Friday, 16 January
The 'Android Of Virtual Reality' Is Here, And It Could Be Exactly What Virtual Reality Needs
Thursday, 08 January
Here’s the $200 Competitor Oculus Should Worry About
Thursday, 08 January
CES 2015: Razer supports VR and big-screen video games
Thursday, 08 January
Best of CES: Forge TV
Wednesday, 07 January
Razer's Open-Source Virtual Reality Platform is Hacker Friendly
Tuesday, 06 January
Razer’s New Virtual Reality Gaming Headset Encourages Open-Source Hacking
Tuesday, 06 January
Razer wants to level the playing field for all virtual reality developers
Tuesday, 06 January
Razer Unveils Its $100 Android-Powered Gaming Console, Razer Forge TV
Tuesday, 06 January
Razer's Google-Powered 'Forge TV' Is An Exciting Marriage Of Android And PC Gaming

2014 Brand

Wednesday, 10 December
Gaming Mice for Nongamers
Wednesday, 03 December
eSports peripherals for Corsair, Logitech and Razer
Tuesday, 26 August
Want Your PC Games to Cost Less and Run Better? Razer Wants to Help
Wednesday, 23 July
Razer Integrates WeChat Into Its Nabu Wearable, Says It Should Hit U.S. for Under $100
Wednesday, 25 June
Google And Razer Are Teaming Up On A Game Console
Thursday, 12 June
Razer CEO Talks Project Christine, New Computer Case, and More
Wednesday, 28 May
20,000 Developers Working On Nabu Wearable Apps
Tuesday, 08 April
Playing the game to win
Tuesday, 18 March
How Razer is reinventing the gaming PC, one insane project at a time
Thursday, 13 March
Why Razer Spent $380K Redesigning The USB Port
Wednesday, 12 March
Bloomberg LIVE: Razer's Cutting Edge Gaming Tech: Why a Laptop?
Wednesday, 12 March
Razer's Gaming Laptops Aim For Mass Appeal
Wednesday, 26 February
Min-Liang Tan's All-Seeing Razer Nabu
Saturday, 11 January
Fox and Friends on the Razer Nabu
Wednesday, 08 January
Razer Announces Wearable Device Designed for Gamers
Wednesday, 08 January
Wall Street Journal Talks Razer Nabu
Tuesday, 07 January
Razer CEO Discusses Nabu smartband with Bloomber's Pimm Fox

2013 Brand

Wednesday, 25 September
WIRED's Inside Look at Designing the 17-inch Razer Blade
Thursday, 15 August
Razer's Music Following Bleeds Green
Thursday, 15 August
Razer Summer Tradeshow Report
Thursday, 15 August
Razer Surround: A 360-degree Sonic Upgrade to Any Stereo Headset
Thursday, 15 August
Razer Blade Review Roundup
Thursday, 10 January
TIME Tech: Razer Edge Hands-On: A Modular Tablet for PC Gamers
Thursday, 10 January
CNET: Best of CES 2013: Razer Edge
Tuesday, 08 January
CNN: At CES, Razer rolls out tablet for hard-core gamers
Tuesday, 08 January
LAPTOP: Best of CES 2013 Awards
Tuesday, 08 January
POPSCI: Hands On With The Razer Edge Gaming Tablet
Tuesday, 08 January
ENGADGET: Razer Edge vs. Competition

2012 Brand

Saturday, 01 December
NYLON GUYS - Nerds are the New Jocks: Pro Gaming Takes Over
Thursday, 25 October
IGN: Why Razer Lets Fans Decide its Gaming Tablet's Fate and Future
Monday, 16 July
San Diego Business Journal - Executive Profile, Min-Liang Tan
Wednesday, 21 March
NBC on Razer and E-Sports
Monday, 16 January
Gizmodo on Future of Razer

2011 Brand

Monday, 10 October
Currently unreleased Razer Switchblade wins T3 Innovation Award
Monday, 29 August
Razer to double its workforce
Monday, 15 August
INTERVIEW: Min-Liang Tan, Razer
Thursday, 19 May
TRON Lightcycle Case Mod is Totally Awesome (Engadget)
Tuesday, 15 February
Top Korean StarCraft II player Joins Team Razer
Sunday, 09 January
Razer: Evolving Beyond the Mouse and Keyboard
Saturday, 01 January
Playing to Win: The Business of Gaming in Singapore (The Business Times)

2010 Brand

Thursday, 30 December
Game On: Gaming Trends (Channel NewsAsia)
Wednesday, 08 September
MYM Visited Razer
Wednesday, 01 September
How Raze's CEO & Chief Gamer Maintains his Competitive Edge
Tuesday, 31 August
Interview: Razer on the Onza and the MLG
Friday, 13 August
DMM Pre-Gamescom Interview with Min-Liang Tan

2008 Brand

Monday, 06 October
NGOHQ interviews Razer’s president, Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff
Tuesday, 29 July
Robert's Interview With (Bosnia)
Friday, 27 June
PC Tuning of the Czech Republic speaks to Razer’s president, Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff
Friday, 09 May
America’s twenty somethings voted Google their employer of choice.
Tuesday, 11 March
Zuender Zeit interviews Robert Krakoff on violence in gamers
Monday, 10 March
PlayIt3D talks to Robert Krakoff, Razer’s President.

2007 Brand

Wednesday, 24 October
Bear Eyes speaks to Robert about Razer’s directions and plans for China
Tuesday, 18 September interviews Robert, president of Razer
Thursday, 06 September
Business Times Reports on Razer R&D Expansion
Wednesday, 05 September
ZDNet Reports On Razer™ R&D Expansion In Singapore
Sunday, 19 August
PCHome Interviews Razerguy!
Sunday, 17 June
playReaction speaks to Theo Sanders, Razer™'s Product Director about the Boomslang CE
Sunday, 03 June
Bit-Tech interviews Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff
Tuesday, 22 May
MMORPG interviews Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff
Monday, 21 May
MYM interviews Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff
Thursday, 19 April
Anything Interactive interviews George Wang, PR Director, Razer
Tuesday, 10 April
Racunalniske Novice speaks to Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff
Sunday, 01 April interviews George Wang, PR Director, Razer

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