Masquerada: Songs & Shadows
Unravel the conspiracies enshrouding the turmoil-ridden city of Ombre in Masquerada, a tactical action RPG set in a lush 2.5D Venetian fantasy world of masks and magic. Players will follow the trails of the Inspettore, Cicero Gavar, who returns from exile to solve a kidnapping that threatens to bring Ombre’s chaos to a boiling point.
Witching Hour Studio
Ysbryd Games
Indie, RPG, Single Player
Game Effects
  • Game Start-up
    Peripherals will have Masquerada’s white theme for the 1st character and a blue theme for the 2nd character
  • Movement Key:
    W, A, S, D, key lights up in green
  • Ability Key:

    1, 2, 3, 4 and Q lights up green when you meet an enemy or when abilities are available

    Ripple emanates from Q when skill is used

    Pulses red when abilities are on cooldown, then pulses green when they are back online

    F5 to F8 shows the character health

    F9 to F12 shows the character mana
  • Mouse:
    Displays the theme colour