Sponsor Proposal Guide

This guide is designed to give teams or organizations the best possible chance at creating a successful sponsorship proposal, and relies on there being both the desire and resources to create the best possible document. Those who don’t have the time and need to blanket companies with a generic proposal are welcome to at their own discretion, but this will help those willing to take the extra step.

Tailor your presentation to the partner. It shows you’ve done your research on their product, and it shows devotion to securing a new partner.

Team Liquid include this screencap in their presentation to demonstrate product exposure in streams.

Figure out what the brand specifically might want from esports, or from your team. Do they want brand loyalty, product exposure, fan engagement, or just logo presence?

Include shots of potential product placement opportunities at events, in training, or out and about. Give the potential sponsor an idea for how well you can keep their product visible

Good photograph displaying visible product exposure
An example of offline activities and exposure players may provide
Autograph sessions are another good source of brand exposure, and take place at most major events

Send your presentation direct to the respective partners. If possible, find out exactly who the person in charge is for sponsorships via their website or contact form and send it direct. That way, the person making the decisions will see it first

Don’t include “What is esports” in your presentation if you’re pitching to an endemic sponsor – they already know what Esports is, and it’s a page of information that clutters the rest!

Be very clear about which specific areas of your organization can provide value, and how you intend to follow through on those for your new partner. If your main value point is website branding, elaborate on the different packages available and what the sponsor stands to gain. If your strength is stream branding, explain the rotation cycle and share of voice on stream logos.

They may sound like a given in any sponsorship, but let sponsors know where you intend to feature them on uniforms, on the website, on social media or YouTube videos – give sizes/length if need be

An example from Team Liquid's presentation, demonstrating the position of potential sponsor logos on the team's uniform.

Be precise and transparent about what you need for a sponsorship to make sense. Include your prices, so the potential sponsor can weigh up what you’re offering against what they’re likely to spend. If you’re not comfortable with estimating a cost, explain if you’re interested in product only, travel, or cash. A table like this might help illustrate:

Be clear about your expectations for the length of the partnership. Some major companies will only sign at a minimum of 6 months, with most looking at 12

Explain the potential for regional marketing opportunities. Do you have a famous Swedish player who the sponsor can make use of? Do you have an event you run in Brazil which could add value?

Show previous examples of work you’ve done for other sponsors – name them if they’re notable companies. If need be, write up a short case study of a successful partnership you’ve had in the past, accompanying with pictures and stats

Convey how much you expect to grow in the coming year. Forecast your numbers in social media, video, streaming etc as best you can and give clear reasons why you expect them to grow

Don’t over promise if you don’t think you can’t deliver – keep your estimates conservative to protect yourself from disappointment further down the road

Go easy on the player achievements – if the potential sponsor is worth their salt, they’ll already know your team and players and what they’re capable of. Convince them of how you can extract value from those players and teams instead

Be concise – don’t ramble. Make it easy for people to read, and underscore your major point for each paragraph or sentence.

Clearly present your contact information at the end of the presentation – ideally you’ll want to use your domain e-mail address rather than a Gmail or Hotmail address. If you have a telephone number or Skype, provide these too so that you can have a more personal conversation with the partner if they want to reach out

Keep the presentation easy to navigate. At the very least make use of an index at the beginning, ideally one which is hyper-linked to the rest of the document

Graphics are colorful and attention grabbing, but sponsors want to see the content – beef up your value adds rather than the number of pictures

Where possible use numbers, charts, or infographs to convey your message and support your text

If your presentation is not in English, you may eventually want it translated for those smaller companies which may not have people that speak the same language as the presentation is written in. Having an English presentation gives you the best possible chance of someone being able to digest it properly.

If you can, arrange to have a call (or even better, a meeting in person) to discuss what value you can bring to the table. Communicating by voice will give both parties a better idea of what their potential partner is like, and if they can back up their presentation with fact.

You may want to include a small section outlining the current staff you have working on the project, to give potential investors an idea of the infrastructure you have set up.

Money isn't everything. Explore the other values the potential sponsor brings to your brand or company, and consider how you can best harness those things. Are they a company with more exposure than their competitors? Is travel to events included? What other perks do they have?

Have you read this guide? Use this stamp on your presentation to sponsors to help set better standards in our industry.

Every day we get tons of applications for sponsorship. We read every single one of these emails and it inspires to see so many of you interested in playing a wider role in the world of esports. But sometimes, we come across some applications which are the perfect example of what not to do! Here are a few of those examples:

Subject: Sponsorship

Hi I'm an up and coming youtuber and I'm just wonder if you would like to send me one of your products to unbox and review. If you don't like the video i made about your product tell me and I will take it down. Also if you don't want me to keep the product just tell me and ill send it back. If you do decide to send me a product don't send me anything big start small and if you like what I did you could send me bigger and bigger. Thanks for Your Time





Im interested in becoming sponsored by Razer i love gaming and looking to try and have a career in it if you could reply with some details please many thanks


Subject: I would like to be sponsored by Razer on Youtube

Hello my name is *** *****. I would like to be sponsored by Razer on Youtube. I play the game World of Warcraft and League of Legends and i belive I am proficient at these games. I have purchased many Razer products and i would love to make videos on Youtube for Razer and become a part of the Razer team. Please consider my request for sponsorship. Thank #TeamRazerWorldsHype you for taking the time to consider my request.

Subject: <Case Number>

My number case is ########## so did i got sponsored>?

Subject: FW: sponsorship request

<3 Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Hey Guys. Our Clan play Games like CoD, LOL and Css. But we need a sponsor for trickots for The Gamescom or Some Cups. So ,are you interested for sponsering ?
Pls answer ;)

Subject: Sponsorships

Good evening .

I founded a new FIFA GAMING team . We are a new team but we are looking forward for a partenership . We need sponsorship to increase our activity . We will bring NATIONAL TEAMS players , so we trust that we can do much more on gaming in nearly future . Please take a look and send me back your oppinion.

Thank you !

Subject: Sponsorship

Are you sponsoring?

Thanks, ***** ******

Sent from my iPod


Hello We are ******** counter strike team 1.6 from Macedonia. We want us to be a sponsor so if you are interested contact me to thie email. Thanks for understanding.

Subject: Sponsorship

hi im a pc gamingg started gettting ur gear from watching swifty and love it best gear i have ever had and was wanting u guys to sponser me

Subject: <Name of Player>

Hello gentlemen my name is ***** are from romania and i am 15 years looking for sponsors crossfire europe game game for 4 years and 1 year-I m stuck in esport. and are looking for sponsors you want to be our sponsors? Regards and respect *****.

Subject: Sponsorship

I can contact you for the information you offer partnerships and also learn more about the sponsorship you offer. I remain at your disposal to discuss the issue.

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